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You hear this often in the real estate industry, that the true value of a property is in the land value, but how many of us are really taking full advantage of the land we own?

Most land owners treat their property, one of the most valuable assets in their portfolio, as if it were more of a liability, merely a place to park their possessions.

With what it costs in taxes and maintenance, it’s an understandable attitude & especially given the condition of some of the yards I’ve seen over the years (you know who you are!)

Who would want to spend any time in a yard like that?

(Besides maybe us, straitening out the mess for you!)

Many of these same people think nothing of painting/decorating and even remodeling the interior of their homes every few years, but when it comes to what is arguably the lions share of their property and the most under utilized asset they own, why then is it also the most neglected? I think that at least in part, it’s because landscaping can be very intimidating on a lot of levels.

First, the industry itself makes it difficult. It can be worse than buying a used car!

Lack of standards and professionalism are rampant problems. Many of you have heard me say that landscaping is an easy union to join – everyone with a pickup truck and a lawnmower is a landscaper.

Then there are the plants. If you’re not well versed in plant nomenclature, it’s almost impossible to know what you’re buying or how to care for it after you get it home. & forget about the tags the nurseries put on the plants. They usually have such general info on them as to be almost worthless.

Then there’s the question about what things are going to look like when the dust settles. Most people are really bad at visualizing the finished product. Never mind what it will look like in 3-5 years when the plants really start to fill in.

This is where most projects go horribly wrong, misunderstandings often occur, and where we can be of the most help.

For a relatively small investment we have the ability to show you what the completed project will look like in a 3D rendering, which can save you from planting the wrong variety for your site, or too many of something, when less plants of a larger size or, maybe a different variety is really the right answer.

We can also show you things on the computer screen that you may have never imagined in your yard. It could be as simple as a bed of annuals, a new tree or a bench for instant curb appeal, a piece of rock in the right place to make a dramatic accent, a small fountain or a large Koi pond with waterfalls to add sound and movement to your outdoor environment. Maybe a garden structure like a pergola to shade your patio or an arbor gate to give your yard the dramatic entryway it deserves, or the beauty, safety and security of some stunning lighting effects to welcome you into your nighttime landscape.

Or are you thinking about a real outdoor living space, a place to entertain without the hassle of everyone traipsing through your house. An outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, a fire pit or fireplace, maybe even a plasma TV for game day parties on the patio?

Pretty much anything you can imagine, and probably a lot that you can’t imagine, but we can, is possible with a little planning.

Unlock the value in your land(scape).

We’d be happy to show you how!

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