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Measurements, photos and notes collected during the initial consultation phase are translated into an accurate digital 3d scale model of your home.

Once we have this completed the real fun begins. Turning the base model into the landscape you’re dreaming of…

We’ll apply basic landscape design principles such as function dictates form, emphasize the use of simple, flowing lines to create elegant ‘bones’,  the hardscape elements that help define the space we’re creating, such as entry walks, driveways, that new patio you were thinking of…

(maybe an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven?)

or how about a fire place to warm family and friends for those cool evening gatherings?

Hardscapes that are as much functional and long lasting investments as they are beautiful additions to your home.

Another basic landscape design tenet, ‘Right plant right place’ is something often repeated these days.

With over 35 years of experience in the horticulture industry, we’re up to the challenge of selecting beautiful plantings to flesh out the landscape. Plants that will fit the space, provide seasonal color as well as visual interest with a minimum of maintenance.

Boulders and outcropping rock positioned so that they look like they’ve always been a part of the terrain help tie the built environment to the landscape.

Add in the soft warm glow of thoughtfully placed high efficiency LED lighting to the scene and we’ll make your dream landscape come alive at night!

(Winter effects included at no additional charge)




The initial meeting is the key step in the design process.

We’ll spend some quality time together exploring the aesthetic vision you have for your yard as well as how to make it all come together in a way that fits your lifestyle. 

Precision in Planning

 Accurate measurements of your homes existing features will be recorded, which will then be translated into an accurate digital work space. The resulting model will then be used to draft landscape plans that will reflect the desired form and function for your site.

Designs can include anything from walkways and retaining walls, fire features, outdoor kitchens/grill islands and other hardscape elements, as well as water features, plantings, even container plantings and landscape lighting render in beautiful detail.

Once we have a working plan, a budget is established and priorities set for a phased approach to installation.  This allows us to install pieces of the plan that make sense from both a functional and financial perspective.


Project Management

From start to finish, our crews will work with you during every step of the process to bring about a gorgeous end result that you will love.

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